Build Your Choreography

ph:  Hugo Faustino

Workshop at Radical Cut-Up Master Program Sandberg Instituut - Amsterdam 2018
The workshop Build Your Choreography was part of the Radical Cut-Up Muscle-and-Mind Week: Disruptive Narratives a public event curated by the the Material Master's Programme Radical Cut-Up at Sandberg Instituut in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum and Jacuzzi Dance Art.

The workshop is inspired by Radical Cut-Up’s approach of reconfiguring, combining and reassembling pre-existing motifs and fragments, images and ideas from diverse and disconnected origins into novel synthetic entities. By performing and reinterpreting an archive of gestures, movements, folk dances, contemporary and pop dance repertoires, the students constructed a collective choreography and experienced the muscular bonding phenomenon and the resulting feeling of togetherness. 

ph:  Hugo Faustino

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